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  • 6 December 2023
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Hello. I want to travel next week and unfortunately cant wait for the paper pass. Can i make reservations for the german, denmark and sweden train wit a mobile only pass?



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You don't need a pass to make reservations most of the time. Have a look at :

It is always better to book through the company : less/no fees, sometimes seat map, etc.

Feel free to ask further questions, mentioning route and travel date. We'll gladly help !

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Of course, the mobile pass works as good as the paper one.

You don't need your pass to make seat reservations, make seat reservations via the operator's own websites to save a bit of money.

Check the guide here:



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You can make all reservations online yes. You don't need a pass to make them, you should simply be able to show the pass onboard.

If it wasn't possible, people wouldn't choose the paper pass -> don't worry!

Have a look at the link I posted. For example in Germany you follow the same process whether you have a pass or a regular ticket (which doesn't include a reservation).

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If you would really like a paper pass, you can buy one at the international ticket office at Schiphol Airport or Amsterdam Centraal.

Thank you so much for your answer. I'm about to buy the mobile pass. Just wanted to make sure; you can make all the reservations with a mobile pass online. You dont need a paper pass to make a reservation?