Nighttrain on the 5th out of 5 days

Hello, I am planning a trip to Sweden this summer. For that i intend to buy a global pass with 5 travel days within one month. The interrail website states that it is not possible to take a nighttrain on the last day that the pass is valid. However, if my pass is valid for example from the first of July to the first of August, but the 23rd of July is already my fifth travel day, is it then allowed to take a nighttrain from 23rd to 24th of July and basically drive on 6 days? Theoratically the pass is still valid on that day but Im out of travel days…

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Hi, you can use a night train on the last travel day. You will need only 1 travel day if you don't change the train after midnight.

You can't use it on the last day of validity period after midnight.

Perfect, thats exactly the infromation I needed (and hoped for)

Thank you so much

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Yes it is allowed as long as you don’t take the night train on 31st July (per your example)

Actually I would first check if there is availability on your date, night trains are very popular.

Check or (2 night trains between Berlin, Hamburg and Malmö, Stockholm

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Right now there are no night trains available between the 23rd ans 31st of July. There are construction works going on and no one knows if the night trains will be running.

SJ has said that their ambition is to release the reservation no later than in the middle of the month before the departure month of the train. This would mean that you might have to wait until the middle of June before you know whether the will be a night train running on the 23rd of July.