Regarding amending a ticket on OBB trains

  • 22 April 2023
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I booked a RJX train ticket from Innsbruck to Zurich on the OBB website and inadvertently booked a seat which I don’t like. Is there any possibility to amend the reserved seat location now?


There is an option of seat only(no tickets) but it seems that would unnecessarily book two seats for me (the earlier one which I booked with the ticket and the new one with the preferred seat option)







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9 replies

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As seat reservations cost 3€ buy a new one (using the seat selection map) or simply move to a free seat while on the train. These trains are rarely full

What is your travel date and time ? You can have a look at how many seats are left

Great thanks for surety then maybe let me reserve another ticket. My dates are falling on July end, however astonishingly the seat map says several of window side seats are already booked.



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Do you have a Eurail/Interrail pass ?

If you already have a train ticket then you can buy a seat reservation for 3€, no need to book another train ticket

It is possible that a few seats are already taken

Sorry my bad, I meant to say another seat only. I already have a standard ticket and along with that I had reserved the non-preferred seat before.

So now if I book another seat, it would be like two seat reservations with one standard ticket, which I think should be ok just to be on the safer side.

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Yes it's no problem

Thankyou @thibcabe for the help.

Also just one more quick question. Since I am travelling solo, I am ruminating over stowing my luggage on the luggage rack or instead to be safe if it’s better to keep it with me always and fit it(in a standing position to save space)in the space between my seat and the seat in front of me? It’s a medium size trolley apart from my backpack(which I reckon I should be able to put on the overhead bin)

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There usually is a luggage rack above your head that should fit a cabin luggage. Otherwise between the seats on bays of 4 (usual in Switzerland). But I’ve never heard stories of luggage being stolen while in the carriage

Great that’s a relief to hear. I was actually following some forums and there they mentioned to be as cautious as possible as there were some cases,