Saved Train No Longer Appearing

I had saved a train in my trips a few days ago. It had required reservations and I planned on reserving it today. The train no longer appears. Does this mean the train is fully booked? The trips is over a month away still. Thanks for the help!


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OK, so it disappeared from the app? Then it usually helps to restart the app or your phone.

You can also change in Visp. You'll have a bit more time there (11 minutes instead of 7).

You can book the EC Visp/Brig-Milan on add the Interrail/Eurail discount and the select "One-way tickets and day tickets”. There are still seats available, price is €11 in 2nd class and €13 in 1st.

Here is the train for those of you asking. I will report it today. Thanks! Let me know if this changes anything 



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If this is about a train that has disappeared from a trip in the app, then that doesn't say anything about seat availability. The app does not know anything about that.

Indeed report this to customer support and check this article:

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This seems to be happening to more travellers lately. Please make an error report to Customer Support using the link below.


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Well let us know the route, date and departure time if you want help.

It can mean that it is full, especially possible for Eurostar or Thalys.

Let us know