Timetable for regional trains?

  • 15 November 2023
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Does the Eurail Pass cover “secondary routes’?  Calling them ‘secondary’ as they do not show up on the map on the website, but are on the “timetable”, but have a cost listed with it.  We wish to go from Barcelona to Pamplona.  Thx

2 replies

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Yes sure, do not rely on the Interrail/Eurail map : there are hundreds of smaller lines covered. 

The validity works by companies. Barcelona - Pamplona is run by RENFE which accept passes so you're good to go.

You'll need a mandatory reservation though, only available at Spanish ticket counters. Probably also possible in Germany if you happen to be there before.

As a tip : Barcelona França station ticket counters are always less busy than Sants station.

What is your travel date ? At busy times last-minute availability may be limited since the frequency is bad. There are more connections via Zaragoza-Delicias in case (first train available online, I'm not sure if the second train requires a reservation).

RENFE is a pain for that reason unfortunately. Only AVE high-speed trains are offered on interrail.eu/eurail.com. :(

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Reservations for Renfe Alvia (and Euromed and AVE) trains are also available through the interrail reservations portal, so the Barcelona to Pamplona seat reservation can be booked online.