Trenitalia 3 Day Pass - Paris to Verona, Italy NEED SEAT RESERVATIONS

My friend and his two teenage children are traveling from Paris Gare de Lyon to Verona Porta Nuova, Italy on 22 June 2023. They purchased the Trenitalia 3-Day Pass, and need seat reservations for this journey.

This site is the only one I've found that has seat reservations for sale, but it's asking for the their Interrail Pass number. They don't have one because they have Trenitalia Pass.

What do they do? Dose the Trenitalia Pass number work on this site? 

Thank you!

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Trenitalia pass is only valid in Italy. Which trains are they travelling on? They will need tickets from Paris to the Italian border where their pass becomes valid.


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They’ll need to buy tickets until the Italian border.

Either :

  • Frecciarossa Paris - Torino Porta Susa 07:28 - 13:18 3 x 55€
  • TGV Paris - Torino Porta Susa 06:44 - 12:23 3 x 64€

Maybe you could get the Trenitalia passes refunded and buy a Interrail Global Pass (need to add reservations on high-speed trains though, 31€ for the cross-border TGV)

It doesn’t cost more to go directly to Milan so buy tickets to Milan to shorten the travel time. Frecciarossa has the advantage that the train terminates at Milano Centrale where you have connections to Verona.


Btw Milano Porta Garibaldi to Milano Centrale in 15 min is simply impossible. The screenshot is wrong. Keep at least 1 hour margin between trains to transfer

That's what I'm hoping. With the Interrail Global Pass, it's more expensive than the One Country Pass and since they're only going through France while on the train from Paris to Verona, I'm going to see if it's cheaper to just get the ticket from city to city for that part and then stick with the Italian pass for the rest of the journey. 

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It’s not a lot more expensive when you consider that the Trenitalia Pass works by trips :

  • Milan - Verona is one trip
  • Milan - Verona - Bolzano is two trips

While the Interrail pass works by travel days : as many trains as you want between 00:00 and 23:59 offers a bit cheaper passes btw


What is their entire trip like ? For Paris - Verona return, regular advance tickets will be cheaper for sure.

Their trip is one way.

Paris to Verona (pick up a car) and a couple days later they're going 

Verona to Rome

Rome to Salerno (ferry to Amalfi/Capri and ferry to Naples)

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Thanks for the answer :)

So if they’re fine with advance tickets (tied to a specific connection), all on :

  • Frecciarossa Paris-Gare de Lyon - Milano Centrale - Verona Porta Nuova 77.90€ per person (or 80€ for 1st class between Milan and Verona)
    07:23 departure, 15:58 in Verona (ideal, isn’t it ?) 23rd June
  • Frecciarossa Verona Porta Nuova - Roma Termini 40-50€ 08:52 or 09:37 direct trains
  • Frecciarossa Roma Termini - Salerno some connections cost 20€ (1st class) or 30-40€ (2nd class)

In the end much cheaper than any passes available (but you’re not really flexible ofc)

Look for 1st class tickets too (you’ll see a nice chart on : they can be 5€ more expensive or sometimes cheaper than 2nd class tickets !!!


Let me know for any questions

Thank you. I told them to book Paris to Milan without a pass and then the Italian Pass will work for Milan to Verona with the seat reservation purchase. All their other train tickets are purchased, but I've never dealt with a Trenitalia Pass before so this one was creating my headache. Thank you for helping me sort this out! 

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Thank you. I told them to book Paris to Milan without a pass and then the Italian Pass will work for Milan to Verona with the seat reservation purchase.

Seat reservations for the Trenitalia pass are free of charge:

And it looks like they can be made here:

(On the "TRENITALIA PASS” tab)

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Just to add the Frecciarosa train from Paris is much nicer than the TGV. This is especially true if going 1st Class or Executive. If they can afford it do it!