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  • 7 January 2022
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I am organzing a group trip for 5 where two people are starting starting before three of us and then heading out earlier.

Two will be traveling from Ediburgh to London. Then all five of us are traveling London to Paris. Then Paris to Slazburg. After 5 days we will all be traveling to Interlaken. After 5 days the same two will be traveling to Geneva. Three days later the other three of us are traveling to Zurich.

What is the easiest way to be able to make the reservations for when all fice of us are traveling togther? It sounds like people have had trouble with that. Should I purchase all the passes so I can book the group travel? If so how easy will it be for the two that are traveling (partly) separately to make thier own reservations?

And should we go with the electronic passes or the paper passes?

I arranged travel for a group about 5 years ago but they were moslty minors and I went through Swiss Travel Centre so I did not make the reservations myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Also, if I buy all the passes, will the two traveling partly separatley be able to have them on thier device? Or is paper the better choice?

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Eurail itself sells just Mobile Passes for Eurailers :/ To get Paperpasses you have to find a reseller :/

When you are purchaseing mobile passes you get activation codes. Each code can be used once to load the Eurailpass on a device.

(Once activated on a device the pass can only transfered with assistance of the Support to a new device)

Many reservations can be done directly with the operating railcompanies (no need to use a reservation service like Eurails own :/ ) Few reservations still have to be done with a Reservation service or a call center of a Railcompany. 
Few reservations can´t be electronic :/ These paperreservations have to be shipped by mail to a adress of your choice (Home or first Hotel in Europe)

Switzerland in General needs no reservations (except the Panoramic Trains :D )
Scotland to London you can reserve quite easy directly with the Railcompanies online or via Facebook

Here a example how easy you can reserve in the UK

Paris - Salzburg it depends which trains you will take? the new direct Nighttrain Paris - Munich - Salzburg - Vienna  or the TGV/ICE Highspeedservice to Stuttgart with connection to Salzburg?

Salzburg - Interlaken can be reserved easily via :) Here a manual how to reserve via Daytrains

As said above for your routes within switzerland no reservations needed it´s really uncommon in Switzerland (exception for Panoramic, Night and International trains)

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As for now the UK LNER trains Ed-L need to be reserved for all-it seems for now there may be special quota for IR? But as USAers tend to worry about all this many monthes ahead-often earlier as even REServation open. LON-Par is by EuroStar and you have to pay hefty surcharge.

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As for now the UK LNER trains Ed-L need to be reserved for all-it seems for now there may be special quota for IR?

Not as far as I know. Or do you have a link to a page that says otherwise?