Can British Citizens buy a Global Pass?

  • 5 March 2023
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I’m a British citizen & want to travel from my home in the north of the UK> London > Eurostar to begin my European travels. I hear that a Global pass will give you 1 inward & 1 outbound journey. However when i tried to buy a Global Pass, I couldn’t because I lived in the UK.  Am I missing something? Can anyone help?
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3 replies

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You can, for a mere £571 for a 7-day pass!

Thank you so much for answering. It would be great if we could just buy these to travel around the UK for 7 days in a month too, eh?

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As a UK resident, you need to buy an Interrail pass, not Eurail. They otherwise work the same. (Except Eurail passes aren’t subject to the 2 journeys in your home country restriction.)

But yes, you can buy a Global Pass and use it in the UK. I do this to travel down from Newcastle to connect with the Eurostar.