Can British Citizens buy a Global Pass?

  • 5 March 2023
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I’m a British citizen & want to travel from my home in the north of the UK> London > Eurostar to begin my European travels. I hear that a Global pass will give you 1 inward & 1 outbound journey. However when i tried to buy a Global Pass, I couldn’t because I lived in the UK.  Am I missing something? Can anyone help?
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3 replies

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As a UK resident, you need to buy an Interrail pass, not Eurail. They otherwise work the same. (Except Eurail passes aren’t subject to the 2 journeys in your home country restriction.)

But yes, you can buy a Global Pass and use it in the UK. I do this to travel down from Newcastle to connect with the Eurostar.

Thank you so much for answering. It would be great if we could just buy these to travel around the UK for 7 days in a month too, eh?

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You can, for a mere £571 for a 7-day pass!