Can I still travel through the UK with the interrail pass?

  • 20 January 2022
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Title. Since Brexit happened and all, we’re not sure if we can travel through there. 😅


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Hi Leo,

I’m pleased to report that yes, you still can! It remains a very good value choice for Interrail travellers because normal long-distance train tickets here in the UK remain, in general, prohibitively expensive thanks to the chronically inefficient regime of privatisation we have here.

But with a pass there are no extra costs, reservations are both optional and free to make, and if you travel with a first class pass, many operators will serve you free refreshments and/or a full meal. Parts of the network are quite patchy and trains often don’t run on time, but frequency is usually good to excellent, even on some fairly rural lines.

Just remember that an EU ID card won’t get you past border control, you need to bring a full passport.

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Interrail is non EU related :) Interrail is valid in Countries like Turkey,Serbia,Montenegro,Bosnia, Switzerland that are not part of the European Union ;) This includes even the UK :) As @EdM  said it´s one of the Countries where the pass is pretty great :)