Can I use an Interrail Global pass to travel in Germany as alternative to a Bahncard 100?

  • 22 September 2021
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HI Everyone,


Due to my studies I have to commute from Mannheim to Freiburg quite often in the next months. I had a look at the test version of the Bahncard 100 but its too expensive. My question is if I could techically use the 2-3 months Global pass for commuting between Mannheim and Freiburg? I only plan to do one in-outbound travel to switzerland in december, but for the rest of the time I would just be in Germany.


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You are from Switzerland? Than it would be possible, but you are staying in Germany for a longer period? I don’t know if this is ok according to the interrail rules.  

What is my country of residence? ( could help you but it’s not so full with detail. 

2021 Eurail and Interrail Pass Conditions of Use (SCIC-RPT) v2 

You could also use only a One-Country-Pass Germany (wich is cheeper → but only valid to to Border, you need a Ticket from expl. Basel Bad Bf. into Switzerland).

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Offical rules says the validity depends on residence but for Real its the Citizenship :) so as Swiss Citizen no problem to use the pass as BC100 between these Cities :) 


Even some Traindrivers in Germany from for example Sweden get 3Month passes as duty Tickets to travel between their Shifts :D as the pass Workout cheaper