Choose existing trip when activating my pass for other travellers

  • 31 January 2023
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I have created a trip and added my friends. 
But when they tried to activate their pass on the app, they were asked to create a new trip, and couldn’t select mine (even if I added them on it)

could you help me ?
thanks in advance


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2 replies

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You can't connect a single trip to multiple passes.

Overall it's better each of them hass the pass on their device, as otherwise they will always have to travel with you. 

But if you do, you will need to duplicate the trips. You can also chose to share the trip as a link and then your friends can import it and connect the trip to their pass on their own device.

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Just be aware that after sending the link for them to add it will not sync as you add more journeys, so they will need to update their own passes as well.