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  • 8 January 2022
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Hi, I have a question.

i bought global pass for 4 days/1 month. I traveled 2 days and today im on the train. I want to mark today as 3rd day. However, as it is shown in the screenshot, i just have 1 day left (3/4), which is not true because i have not marked today as 3rd day yet. Im afraid if i mark it now, the system will deduct my last day (4th) which I will use to go back to Germany. 

Can you see and instruct me? Thanks



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You have 3 days marked as a travel day: 8 January is already marked as a travel day. So I think you'll be fine.


This is what shows in my trip. Only 2 days marked. 

With the first screenshot, does it mean i just add the journey and the system will not mark as 4th day? 



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Check in "My Trip” for which days a travel day has been used. Is any of them not correct? If so, then contact customer service. They are the only ones who can make corrections (if justified of course).