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  • 8 January 2022
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Hi, I have a question.

i bought global pass for 4 days/1 month. I traveled 2 days and today im on the train. I want to mark today as 3rd day. However, as it is shown in the screenshot, i just have 1 day left (3/4), which is not true because i have not marked today as 3rd day yet. Im afraid if i mark it now, the system will deduct my last day (4th) which I will use to go back to Germany. 

Can you see and instruct me? Thanks



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Check in "My Trip” for which days a travel day has been used. Is any of them not correct? If so, then contact customer service. They are the only ones who can make corrections (if justified of course).


This is what shows in my trip. Only 2 days marked. 

With the first screenshot, does it mean i just add the journey and the system will not mark as 4th day? 



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You have 3 days marked as a travel day: 8 January is already marked as a travel day. So I think you'll be fine.