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  • 30 October 2022
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I’m using Interrail around the UK and despite London’s new Elisabeth Line trains clearly being included, we’ve had confusion at the gates where you need to show your Global Pass. I was once refused entry at Liverpool St Station, the gate staff directing me to the ticket office to get a paper ticket proving the validity of my app pass – but of course there they had no idea about this. Tried entering with different guy at the gates and he let me through. 

This response by TfL suggests they really have a policy in place that requires a paper ticket, but they fail to mention where exactly to get these: 

Since then, I have asked about this at a TfL ticket office as well as 2 national rail ticket offices, but none of the staff had heard of issuing paper proof tickets and some pointed out the app should simply be accepted at the gate. So is this requirement for a paper version just nonsense? Who at Eurail can notify the operator so that the staff at the EL gates simply accepts the app? 


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The app should be accepted at the gate, there is no such thing as a paper “gate pass” available to be issued.

There are strict rules about the format of valid rail tickets that are accepted at London Underground stations but Elizabeth Line is not London Underground and those rules do not apply to gates for both.


Sadly there has been an ongoing issue with TfL staff being ignorant and obstructive to customers with valid national rail tickets for many years at locations where one gateline covers both.

This has not at all been helped by senior TfL management intentionally blurring the reality of Elizabeth Line NOT being London Underground for their own reasons.


I can assure you this matter has been brought up repeatedly by numerous people as it affects a lot more than just interrailers, however it just keeps happening as there is effectively no punishment for staff that act this way and management that seemingly cant train their staff properly.


Unfortunately there is no real practical solution to this other than standing your ground and making it clear you know you are correct and will not be bullied by them.

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I'd say complain at both TfL and Eurail customer services. For Eurail, that's here:

For TfL here:

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Used the Elizabeth line yesterday (Monday) several times with an interrail paper pass and had no problems (and discussions) at all… 

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Update, yesterday I was refused passage through the gates at Liverpool St station again with my Global Pass app, 2 staff members saying Interrail is not valid, but this time I could show a reply email from TfL Transport for London saying: 

“Interrail passes are valid on the Elizabeth Line, however as you say there are no QR code readers so you need to present these to staff. I will be passing your comments over to our Area Managers so that our staff can be re-briefed about the validity of Interrail passes. Also you can show this email to staff should you encounter any issues to show that it has been confirmed they are valid.”

… and then they let me through. It all seems to depend on who is manning the gate. 

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@Jeroenvm Good that you got such a quick and useful reply from TfL.