Eurail Free trip in Switzerland

  • 23 November 2022
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Hi Good Day,

I got the Eurail Global pass at Basel SBB and then I was told that I can also travel everywhere in Switzerland free. Does this act as a travel day if I use it in Switzerland or only when I cross the border.


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3 replies

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You can use it for any trains of the included railway companies. It doesn't matter if you cross the border or not.

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You need to activate a travel day BEFORE you can travel on any train you like of course, in Switzerland and in the rest of Europe.

But once activated, you’re free to jump on a whole lot of trains in Europe (excluding some smaller, private companies).

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Every day when you travel and use the pass as your ticket is a travel day if you have a flexi pass . It doesn't matter if you cross a border or not.

If you have a continuous pass then all days within the validity of the pass are travel days.