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  • 19 September 2021
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We are planning a trip to Europe this coming December, coming from South Africa.

We plant to visit Paris, France a few days, then move to Zermatt in Switzerland and then ending up in Amsterdam Netherlands.

My Question:

Does the Eurail Pass allow for travel on trains and trams within a city. For example if we want to get from the airport in Paris to our hotel we will be using a train. Is this included in the pass. Then if we want to use the train so go somewhere in Paris or surrounding areas is the pass valid. 

Then for example when we are in Switzerland can we use the train from Paris to Zermatt and use the pass for trains in Switzerland.


Then when in Amsterdam can we use the pass to go from the airport to the hotel via train and also using the trains and trams in Amsterdam and also to go to the smaller towns in Netherlands.

Any help will be appreciated




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Difficult to answer :)

In General the publictransport within a City is not included (means no trams or buses)

Trains to the sorrounding areas can be included (depends on the operating Railcompany as not all are in the Eurail Network) you can check at the best via Eurail Railplanner with a date in the next few weeks :) as the timetable for December is still not published due the anual big European timetable change in December

almost all trains in Switzerland (except the Mountain rails like Gonergrat or Interlaken - Grindelwald/Lauterbrunnen - Kleine Scheideg - Jungfrau) are included :)

Amsterdam see the point above the good news is that the you can use the Railpass for the Trains of Netherlandse Spoorwegen to the Airport Schipohl :)

Note that some Highspeed trains need a reservatioon like TGV in France (on top of the pass itself) International reservations are even more expensive :/ That why i recommend to go from Paris to the last French station on the way to Geneva or go to Lyon and catch from there Regionaltrains to Geneva from Geneva you can go via Visp up to Zermatt :)

To save reservation costs you can go from Zermatt via Visp - Basel to Amsterdam via Germany there is daily one direct ICE from Basel to Amsterdam :) From December there is even a Nighttrain with Sleeper and Couchette (reservation needed) or seats (reservation optional ) planned on the Route Zürich - Basel - Amsterdam :)

Which destinations arround Paris and Amsterdam do you have in mind?
Versaille, Den Haag, Leiden?


Thanks for your reply;

We are looking at the following:

Paris: Traveling around paris to see the tourist places such as Eiffel tower, Sacre Coeur, Louvre,Disney Land,Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles, Notre dame to name the important ones.


Amsterdam: Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans, Delft, Zaandam, Vollendam,Leiden, Giethoorn.

We will be landing at Charles de Gaulle Airport and need to get to Paris central when we land as we will be staying close to the Eiffel Tower

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For Paris you can choose between two Public transport daypass offers :) to cover all your destinations you need a Zone 1-5 pass :)

Non Touristic daypass

Touristic daypass offer some discounts for some sights :)


Trains to Leiden are covered, Zaanse Schans even (still a short walk needed) you can use the major carrier like Netherlandse Spoorwegen :) but not public transport operators like GVB :/ GVB offers daytickets for public transport in and arround Amsterdam :)