First trip finished. Can we send Passes back for a gift?

  • 16 December 2021
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My family have just come home from our first interrail trip (Örebro, Sweden - Nimes, France). It sais on our global passes, that we can send them in, and get a gift. Where shall we send them?


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The pass cover, when folded, has the address on the backside. Just remove the pass from the cover, fold it, glue it (there's a "glue line”) and then post it. No stamp necessary.

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I have the information that there is currently no gift when you send the pass back :/

Maybe @Nanja or @Leo  can say if Eurail still send gifts :)

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Je pa dej!

The reason for this has been since this Pass was sold; the railway companies want to know-roughly-what trips were made on which railway-the income will roughly be divided up that way. Tradtionally most passses were sold in NORTH of EUR but used in SOUTH of EUR-so the takings were shifted that way. But this is changing gradually and its also the main reason why the new online passes are now sold and promoted-then this happens automatically. in the past 99,95% of passes were simply sold over the counter by the participating railways companies-also by SJ at the Örebra stasjonen!

The last time I got this '’present'’ it was a portable USB-stick with the EUrail logo on it-since then I did not bother again to do it. It took many, many yars before they realised many people wanted their pass back as souvenir and then they did it-but with many reported errors. IF you want it, you can indicate it somewhewre on the cover.

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Unfortunately, we do not send gifts anymore in exchange of Passes. You probably have an old Pass, as this information was removed.