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  • 11 October 2023
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I plan on travelling from Germany to France on the first travel day via Basel SBB. I read on the official page that normally it would only be possible to really travel in Germany and France only without crossing a border.

On the other hand I have read in this forum that Basel SBB should be fine as it is directly at the border of both countries and the operating trains are French or German.


Can someone please tell me which version is true?

Basel SBB just seems to be the easiest way for me, I dont want to go all the way north to Francfort just to cross the French-German border…


Thanks in advance!


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3 replies

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It should be possible by entering Basel SBB (Germany) and Basel SBB (France) manually. I'm not really sure though if the stretch Basel Bad Bf - Basel SBB is covered. (A ticket would cost 3.80 CHF but it's very unlikely that they check you on that 5 min journey anyway.)

What is your full journey like ? Departure and arrival point + travel date ?

It is also possible to cross the border using the Offenburg - Strasbourg RB (easiest), Müllheim - Mulhouse rail replacement bus, Wörth am Rhein - Lauterbourg - Strasbourg, etc.

Unfortunately TGVs/ICEs crossing the Franco-German border are quite expensive (17€ mandatory seat reservation). They're also popular so they tend to sell out days in advance. You can board them in Stuttgart, Mannheim and Karlsruhe for example.

Thanks for your reply!

I wanted to take an ICE to Basel and then take a TER to Mulhouse. Going via Basel would be half the price for my friend who is travelling with me and who has to pay every train...

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Then go for it. Honestly I don't think it would be an issue as long as you add the journey manually.

Keep a margin in Basel as ICEs are often delayed...