Frozen page, how to access pass and tickets?

  • 20 March 2022
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 I have run into a bug and support hasn’t replied for over two days. When I try to access the pass QR/ticket on the mobile app, the screen freezes and no buttons can be pressed, page scrolled, etc. It seems a popup about an extra travel day causes the problem. Anyone knows how to access the tickets somehow? I am traveling today so I am a bit desperate…



Best answer by Felipe.iturrieta 21 March 2022, 15:48

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2 replies

Dear Felipe, thanks for your reply. I have closed and reopened the app, updated it, restarted the phone etc, all with no success. It is apparently the pop-up that causes the issue and freezing of the page. I really hope IT can resolve it fast, it’s been since early Friday morning and I have been lucky with kind ticket controllers… 

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Hi! I am sorry to learn of this issue. I see my colleagues are following your situation and trying to fix the problem from our side, communicating with you via e-mail. I hope the fix is deployed in the next few hours, but in the meanwhile, a workaround that often works is simply closing and re-opening the app (this seems to help with the QR issue), as my colleagues have suggested. I hope you don't have any difficulties with the ticket inspectors, but rest assured we will support you in that case as well (liaising with carriers to revert any fines, for example). Kind regards, Felipe