Gap day between Colmar & Munich

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I have a day to fill between Colmar and Munich and would like to maybe visit Switzerland staying 1 night  can anyone suggest a route please?


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I'd consider either Lucerne or Zurich.

Zurich - Munich : direct ECs every 2h, seat reservation recommended (3€ through

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Thinking of maybe dropping bags at a hotel in either then getting a train south and back via Bern maybe - how much do you think could be done in a day?


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Third option : hotel in Bern.

From there head to Interlaken and take a boat on either Lake Thun or Brienz (fully included with the pass !).

The next day : Bern - Lucerne -> RE train (more scenic than IR15) and then Lucerne - Zurich - Munich


DAY 1 Colmar - Bern - Interlaken Ost - boat to Brienz - Lucerne

DAY 2 Lucerne - Zurich - Munich

Btw you can always drop bags in lockers at railway stations.

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I’ve gone for Lucerne - hoping to do the Brienz train then boat to Interlaken - is it train then to Thun or is tere a boat option before returning to Lucern via Bern?


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There's also a boat option !

- Brienz - Interlaken Ost boat

- Interlaken Ost - Interlaken West 5 min train or 20-25 min walk

- Interlaken West - Thun boat

You can also leave the boat in Spiez and walk 15-20 min up to the train station (would save 30 min on your way to Bern).

Schedule example :

- Brienz - Interlaken Ost 15:40 - 16:53 boat

- Interlaken Ost - Interlaken West 17:00 - 17:04 train

- Interlaken West - Thun 17:10 - 19:20 boat

It's perfectly doable, I've taken this route 2 weeks ago :)

From Thun you have multiple options to go to Lucerne :

- fast route : departure 19:34 (connection in Bern)

- more scenic route : departure 19:39 (connections in Konolfingen and Langnau)

And of course you can stop along the way wherever you'd like.

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it might be better to get the train from Lucerne to Interlaken Ost then the boat to Thun as I would like to be back in Lucerne earlier than 9pm  is that achievable?

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It is possible yep but I'd say that Lake Brienz has more beautiful scenery than Lake Thun. The journey is also a bit shorter so it'd allow enough time to walk a bit around Berm historic center :)

Something like that :

- Luzern - Brienz 13:06 - 14:33

- Brienz - Interlaken Ost 14:40 - 15:53 boat

- Interlaken Ost - Bern 16:00 - 16:52 (train every 30 min)

- break in Bern, you can walk to the terrace in front of the Federal Palace in a few minutes

- Bern - Lucerne : either 18:36 - 20:03 (scenic) or 19:00 - 20:01 (faster). Those trains run hourly