Global Pass: Does the price change if buying the pass last minute or not?

  • 14 February 2022
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Global Pass: Does the price change if buying the pass last minute or not?


Is there a price difference of when you buy the Global Pass? Meaning if I buy the Global Pass 2 months before I start using it, will it be cheaper vs. buying it last minute?


The question arises from that of: Do I save money if I buy it in advance or not?


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The price for the Eurail Pass won´t change the Prices on are the Standard Prices and doesn´t matter if you book them 10months in advance or few hours before your start :)

Eurail offer over the year some promotional actions like discounts up to 15% or paying 2nd Class pass and get a 1st Class pass :) There is no fixed shedule when a Promotional action starts :) There is usually one around Christmas/New Year, sometimes one arround the 14th Feb, Spring, Easter & Autumn :) As you have after purchase of the Eurailpass 11months to activate it maybe worth to book a pass when such Promotional action is active even if you have not a fixed shedule :)

Please note that you maybe have to Pay on top of the Railpass for Reservations (very common in France,Spain,Italy where Highspeedtrains are reservation compulsory and cost usually 10-20€ for domestic ones and up to 56€for International ones)

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The budget railpasses are mostly without money back if not used, the full price is refundable. Prices are always set for the calender year. They are set in (of course) €€€€€, so in your local currency the final price to pay may differ through the year as exchange rates may alter. 


Thank You Very Much for the simple answer, I liked that thanks again.