Global Pass valid for public transport within the cities?

  • 12 September 2022
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Hi all!

I am planning my first ever interrail adventure and i’m torn between the 7days within 1 month or 22days pass. I will be travelling for 3 weeks and am planning to stop in around 6 cities (Lyon, Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Vienna). Now i am wondering if the global pass is also valid for public transport (busses, metro, tram etc.) within the cities.  If so, i’d prefer the 22days pass. Do you guys have any tips and recommendations?


Thanks so much! :)


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6 replies

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Unfortunately almost all public transport is excluded from the Global pass. Depending on how many travel days you need you could consider the 10 days in 2 months option. Its price is between the 2 options you are considering. This would give you the option of using any usused days on a second holiday a few weeks later - subject to the 2 In/Out days rule of course.

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In some cities the railways=the only that accepts the pass-has a kind of S-bahn system, like in Züri-but not all. And its all dependent on where you want/have to go if that will help you. About all of the cities you mention have-of course-like in the Swiss-daytickets, or for 24/48 hrs etc-that usually cost less as 10€/day (always less as for CHF in CH), or often also touristy citypasses, also incl all types of enrty/attractions or discounts-at substantial higher prices. All dead-easy to find on www

Thank you guys so much, that helped a lot!

Hello! Public transport such as the bus, metro or tram is not included I'm afraid! However, there are some exceptions – Interrail has various partners, which offer special discounts for Pass Holders. You can find more information about these through our Pass Benefits Portal.



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Hi, in some citys you can use the S-Bahn (or how they are called): But not everywhere and with exceptions. Like Munich, Berlin, Vienna, Milan, Copenhagen, Oslo, Zürich (only SBB S-Bahn) or Spain it is possible to use S-Bahn and similar services. But no public service like metro (u-bahn), tram or bus.