how to add a journey with 1 change on rail planner app (1 entry or 2 entries)

  • 11 February 2024
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Destination: CDG TGV to Colmar 

CDG TGV to Strasbourg TGV #9874: 16:52 to 18:41 

Strasbourg to Colmar -TER  #96235: 18:51 to 19:21

Date: May 11, 2024


I’ve purchased 3 seat reservations from for CDG TGV to Strasbourg



My question is how I should add the journeys to My Trip of Rail Planner app? How should such journey show up on my phone?

For now, I have an entry of Paris Aeroport Cdg2 Tgv Roissy to Colmar 16:52 to 19:21. Just 1 entry.

Is this correct? Or do I need to have 2 entries?

  1. CDG TGV to Strasbourg
  2. Strasbourg to Colmar

This is good to know for this trip but also for future travels using railpass. I just want to ensure that I have the right journeys on my phone when asked by the ticket inspectors.


Again I thank you very much for your time & your help. 💖❤💕👍



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You can add each train separately or add a multi-leg journey as one, when clicked on it will list the individual trains anyway. Both methods will work.

You can add as many different trains as you like, you just need to make sure you activate each train you travel on before boarding. You can activate and deactivate as much as you need to.

Just remember that once a day has begun and has been activated it cannot be deactivated.


When a pass is checked you show the QR code for the day that will be available under the “my pass” tab once activated, this will also have a text ticket part that includes all currently active trains for that day, it must include the train you are on at that time as this is what will be looked for by some inspectors.

Watch the video linked here for an overview