Indian citizen with work permit in Sweden

  • 11 September 2023
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Hi !

As an Indian citizen living in Sweden with a work permit, along with my husband, we are planning a week-long trip to Germany in December. We intend to visit two or maybe three cities during our stay. Can anyone provide guidance on whether we should opt for a Eurail pass or an Interrail pass for our travels in Germany? Any help will be appreciated !

Thanks in advance!


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You can choose if you go for Interrail (home country limitations, only two travel days possible in your home country) or for Eurail (no limitations), same price though.

There’s also the one country pass Germany

if you like to plan well in advance, you can better buy cheap advance tickets. (E.g. Göteborg-Hannover can be done for +/- 55 EUR per person, which is absolutely not bad for a 10 h train journey).

So plan a bit where you would like to go, and compare the cost of a pass with ordinary tickets.

If you don’t really know what you want to visit, and value a lot of flexibility then Interrail/Eurail is your go. If you’d like to travel close to Christmas, Interrail/Eurail is probably going to be the better deal, since a lot of people will be travelling for the holidays, thus raising prices.

Note that there are no timetables available yet after December 10.

Hi Brendan,

Thank you so much for the reply. This helps alot . I think i will go ahead with ordinary tickets since its a bit more cost friendly.  I was also looking for tickets in Omio , but i saw a lot of bad reviews for Deutsche Bahn (DB). Do you have any experience travelling in DB? 

Thanks in Advance!

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Omio is a third party website and should not be used. Always buy through the railway company : you're better informed in case of delays/cancellations and you're able to get a refund.

The bad DB reviews probably mention the lack of ponctuality of the ICEs. Trains are comfy, the network is extensive, etc. but 30 min delays are common. If you need to change at some point have a margin (your tickets are valid on the following train but if it's 2h later for example...).

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Via you can buy tickets from (South) Sweden to Germany.

On long distances Deutsche Bahn is pretty pleasant to travel. Good and comfy seats, nice selection in the bistro or onboard restaurant, but indeed the delays are annoying. Just don’t plan connections too tight.

So always consider enough buffer time (at least one hour) during a long journey, if your journey takes longer than 4-5 hours when it includes some changes. Best do this at a point halfway in your journey to be able to cope with delays. It’s also pleasant to stretch your legs at a given point during the journey.