Interrail vs Eurail

  • 12 August 2021
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Hi there,

Why there are two types..InterRail and EurRail? 

I am EU citizen and my wife is a non-EU citizen. We want to travel together but it feels like that we have to buy separate ticket and take separate train.

Can you please explain whats the difference and why its not confusing???


Looking forward and many thanks.




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2 replies

It is the country that you live and/or work that determine if you should use Interrail or Eurail. If you live and/or work in the same country as your wife then you both will either use Interrail or Eurail.

See clause 2.3 in Eurail and Interrail Pass Conditions of Use:

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Hi, you will need to buy an Interrail Pass and your wife needs a Eurail Pass. In your account you can add her as a traveller in the '’trips& traveller section to make seat reservations together (if you need any). The Eurail and Interrail Pass offer the same coverage so you can hop on the same trains and travel together :relaxed: Cheers,