Is there a gift ticket offered by Interrail?

  • 27 October 2021
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Is there a gift ticket/voucher offered by Interrail? That could be used as a gift to a family member that they can use up whenever they would like to travel around. Or is this how all the ticket work in general, that the traveller can use them up in within 11 months?


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You don't receive a gift ticket with your Interrail that you can give to somebody else.

You can buy your Interrail ticket up to 11 months in advance. For the paper version, you have to indicate the first day of validity when you buy it. For the mobile version, you can choose the first day of validity later (max. 11 months later). Also see the mobile pass FAQ.

I see. Thank you.

That makes me wonder: can I buy a ticket but with an other person’s datas when I order it? I mean, it shouldn’t sound like a freud, it would be for my brother as a gift after all.

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That may be possible. Maybe @Nanja can say confirm?

You will need his passport number.

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Hi Dániel, unfortunately we do not have vouchers/gift cards. You can indeed purchase the Pass for someone else. Just make sure to fill out the personal information (such as passport number) of your brother when you make the order.