Last Name empty on passport so what needs to be put in Last Name field

  • 26 January 2024
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Hello Everyone,


I’ll be travelling to Europe during April this year and was thinking to buy the Eurail Pass for my travel from one city to another.


My passport is having just the Given Name(First Name) as two words “ABC XYZ” while my Surname(Last Name) is Empty so how should I be entering my name while buying the pass so I do not face any issues during my travel.


Let me know if someone have had the same issue and how you addressed it.


Thank You in Advance :)


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3 replies

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I'd use “ABC” for your first name and "XYZ” for your last name when ordering the pass.

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The name on the pass is just to ensure the identity of the person travelling.

Use both first and surname fields on the pass application as leaving one blank is likely to cause an error with the order being processed or the mobile pass activation.

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Hi @Kumarvishwas 

Please get in contact with our customer support, as they will be able to solve the issue.

Have a nice day!