New device while interrailing!

Hello, i am going to have a new phone when i go interrailing. I will buy it at the beginning of august, right before I go interrailing. However, i want to book my train tickets in advance on the device that i have on the app. If i get a new device before I leave, will t be possible to use my interrail pass on that new device?



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One more time: forget it. REServ and app for ticket to travel are separate-the RES can even just be a paper print or SMS-code. Not linked and much advised to never even try to do that.

BUT BUT do be aware how the ticket/pass as such works-it may well be connected to the original device (I do not knwo all these finer details) and then only support can move it to another thing-we see here many requests by people whoś fone was lost/stolen or whatever

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If you have not put the pass on your current phone then DO NOT. You cannot transfer it to a new device yourself, you need to contact interrail customer services to remove it from one device so you can pair it with a new one.

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Booking reservations is separate from the pass and from pass activation. Just don't activate your pass until you have your new phone and go ahead and book your reservations.