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  • 1 August 2021
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Hi to everybody!

I am getting crazy since 20 days trying to get help with a series of problems with interrail:

I wanted to buy a ticket for my daughter, but when I did it, the payment procedure seemed not to work, there was no message of successful payment and I was receiving no confirmation email. Sometimes it happens with online payments, so I went on trying more than once. The next day I realized the payment had been taken 4 times from my bank account.

I activate the procedure for having refunded 3 of the 4 tickets through my account on the Interrail website, but as I logged in again the next day to see if there was any news, I found out that the three requests for refund had disappeared from my account.

Meanwhile, we are trying since 20 days to activate the 4th pass on the app and it does not work. We receive only automatic answers by the customer service, that do not help us further. The app version is the last one.

I am getting really frustrated, since they took a lot of money from my bank account, the one ticket I kept does not work, the others simply disappeared and I am not sure if I will manage to have the money back, since I receive no assistance about it - apart they said yes, it is true, your requests for a refund have disappeared from our system, sorry (!) -, and in the meanwhile my daughter have started her trip so I have to buy further normal tickets for her on top of it.

Does anybody know if there is a way to speak with a real person from the customer service? Is there an office, a real place somewhere, a telephone number, I mean, a way to get real assistance?

Thanks! Silvia


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Hi, our Customer Support team is in touch with you directly and are providing you with assistance. Please reply to them directly, to keep it all on one channel. Thanks, 

Hi, we are having same problem here. We didn’t received any email confirmation since we bought the mobil pass 4 days ago… We are supposed to leave tomorrow and we’re not able to have any information from the customer service to add our mobil pass into the app.

Do you know if we can contact directly someone from the customer service so we can fix this before leaving ?

Thank you,

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Hi, I am sorry you to hear that. Can you please provide me with your email address, so that we can get it fixed for you. Thanks, 

We have the same problem! We are departing in less than 2,5 days and it is impossible to reach out to anyone. It would be nice to have direct contact with someone from customer support.

I reached out almost a month ago and I still not have had contact with anyone.

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Hi Stijn, I am sorry to hear you have not been able to get in touch with our Customer Support team. Can you provide me with your email address via a private message so that they look into it right away? Thanks