Now that I have made reservations on OBB mobile app, how do I link them to my Eurail Flexi Global Passes (not activated as yet)

  • 27 November 2023
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I have done the following so far:

  1. On the Rail Planner mobile app, I created two identical trips (one each for me and my wife) 
  2. Created each segment of travel as individual “journeys” and then linked them under these two trips
  3. Made one reservation on the OBB mobile app (didn’t realize I should have mentioned that I have the Global pass under discounts section) and so I was charged 13 Euros per head - fees towards my education, I guess!
  4. After understanding it a bit better with the help of others on this forum, I made two other reservations on the OBB mobile app using the Eurail Global Pass (first class) and wasn’t charged any reservation fees.

What’s the next step?

  1. How do I let my Flexi global passes know that I have used up 2 of the 7 days of travel? How do I link this information?
  2. When should I activate the pass?
  3. Can I activate the passes online or do I need to visit a train station? I will be in Paris a month before the first travel date and if I have to activate it, can I do it at one of the big stations there?

I tried to read thru the FAQs and other discussion threads, but I must be quite dumb as I couldn’t figure this out. ☹️

Thank you for the guidance.

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  1. The app will deduct one travel day as soon as you add a journey to your pass for a certain date and confirm that you want to use a travel day. There is no need to do that in advance.
  2. Activate the pass a few minutes before boarding your first train, when you're sure you will travel that day. The same is true for activating a travel day.
  3. To activate your pass, you need internet and your passport number, nothing more.

As to the question in the subject: reservations are entirely separate from the pass. You don't link them, just show them to the ticket inspector in addition to your pass, when it's a mandatory reservation.

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There is no link between reservations made anywhere and the eurail app.

Before boarding a train you must activate the journeys you added by selecting them on the app.

Thank you both for helping me understand the process. How do I “confirm the journey” on Rail Planner app for which I have already obtained the reservation. I couldn’t find any activation/confirmation option for the journeys. I can see the activation step for the passes, which I will do later.

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You won’t see the “switch” to add journeys until you activate the pass.

The video on this link may make it more clear.

I think I understand it now. Just to be clear…

Even though I have already added the journeys to the trips, I don’t see the “switch” as yet as I haven’t activated my passes as yet - I am assuming the switch is the “Travel Day” slider that I can slide to the right to activate that specific journey. All my journeys don’t get automatically converted to activated journey once I activate the pass. I have to slide the Travel Day slider for each one that I want (best done before boarding the train). And then generate the ticket for that day.

Is this understanding of mine correct?


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That is entirely correct.