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  • 20 May 2022
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Hello, actually my friend and I are travelling in the north of Poland, and the controller said that our QR code is invalid. Even if he read all informations bellow the QR Code, he doesn’t believe us and ask to pay another ticket. 
How can we manage this situation ? He didn’t know the interrail pass, the QR Code is invalid, and he thought that we lied to him about are ticket, which were valid ! 
please help us..


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4 replies

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You will be refunded by Interrail if you are forced to buy a ticket even though you have a valid ticket. 

Take a screen shot of your QR code so that you can send it to Customer Support when you request the money for the ticket you have to pay.

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Please get in touch with Interrail Customer Service

Keep all receipts of the fine or new ticket to get back from Interrail or the train operator in Poland the money. 

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Did the conductor also say why he thought your pass was invalid? Always ask!

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Was it PKP=long distance (need in principle to REServe all the time) or PolRegio=local. or maybe even another operator? Many of these locals (like ARRIVA around Bydgocscz) do NOT accept passes.

PL is a country where since deregulation and contracting many local lines/new companies have stopped taking passes. But without exact details again IMpossible to tell (when do people get the brains to understand that?)

This also applies to ROmania and a lesser degree and very new to CZ=Czech rep.

IF you happen to be so adventurous to travel further into LT-LV etc-you will most likely incur more of these problems. It is said that In LT=Lietuva you must first always go via counter and have ticket issued for 0€