Reservation refund/replacement of German and French part of my journey due to a strike

  • 7 September 2021
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Hey Guys! 

I was supposed to start my first day of travel from Berlin to France on Saturday. Because of the strike, I could not start my trip. Deutsche Bahn customer service told me that I can  use the old ones for the german Part of my trip and get new tickets for the route in France at the train station. But at the train station I was refused at the counter. I was told I can only use Deutsche Bahn tickets and in France I have to buy new ones. I can't reach anyone from intrail, only just now that I've found this forum. My outbound trip is blocked, I cannot book a new route from Berlin. In addition, so much time has passed now that I cannot use the global pass as planned... 


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Hello Kamila. I have just replied to the messages you sent us via e-mail. I am very sorry you had these issues because of the strike - it is indeed a problem to coordinate the replacement tickets and reservations when two or more railway companies cover one of your journeys but one of them goes on strike. I hope you can enjoy travelling again soon, with much less of a hassle. 

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Hm… well… the local staff are always responsible to sort out problems like these. Although Deutsche Bahn is making their own life difficult by not implementing domestic TGV Interrail reservation in their system.

After the trip, you can claim back any extra costs from the place where you bought your Interrail