Reservation with Blue Star Ferries- ''document number is not valid''

I have spent all morning trying to book a reservation for us in August, using our Global Interrail Pass, for a Blue Star Ferry crossing from Piraeus to Syros.

The Pass gives you a 30% reduction and this is indicated on the booking form, with the reduced ticked price. There is a box where you have to fill in your discount details and I give the pass numbers of our activated Global Pass. However, when I get to the point when I want the payment to go through, a box flashes up saying that “The document number is not valid”.

I tried this several times, then called the Greek number at the bottom of the page. The very helpful, English-speaking person who answered tried to book this passage for me, but lo and behold, the Global Pass number was indeed not valid. It needed to be a different number from the Rail company, ie Interrail. Nothing on their site, but a useful post on this forum which gave a link to activate a Pass Cover number which could be used for making reservations, starting with I for Interrail.

So back to the Blue Star Ferries site and put the new numbers in the box where the drop-down indicates it needs to be an activated Pass Cover number...but the same message pops up as before. I called the Greek number again, and the lady I spoke with had no idea what the problem was, suggesting I call again later!

How does one overcome this problem, please? Has anyone out there any advice? We are nervous about not having booked passages on ferries in peak holiday time and, having booked extremely expensive accommodation on several islands, naturally want to ensure that our ferry crossings are also sorted. Are the ferries ever totally full so foot passengers cannot buy a passage at the Blue Star Offices in Piraeus?



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Everything in life that people fear can happen, but as such this is very, very uncommon-the prob for ´full´ is more for cars. And there may also be another ferry-but without discount. IN GR the ferry prices are set by govmt. and same all year.

Plus that GR is full of small offices locally that can do bookings-not just from that port, but any-and I guess you do not come fallen from the sky to just hit that boat-iow can do a few days advance for peace of mind.

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Hopefully you have been assisted by our Customer Support team in the meantime. For other travellers with the same issue, you can generate a Pass Cover number here: 
Whereas first it handed out pass cover numbers not accepted by ferries, it now generates correct numbers that can be used to make the reservations. 

I am having this exact same issue. I have my pass cover number but keep being told when trying to book that document number not valid. Would greatly welcome assistance on this, as otherwise will seek a refund on Eurorail pass. 

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You need to ask for help directly from Customer Support. The Community can't help you with this.

@Tom Hall 



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Here you can contact Customer Support .



I am also having the same issue and can not seem to resolve it, its so frustrating!!  How do I activate my Pass Cover Number?

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Exactly what reservation are you trying to make and where are you trying to make the reservation?


What pass do you have? @

Hi thank you I am sorted, I had to generate a new pass cover number.  I was able to do this through this site.

If anyone else needs it try typing in GET PASS COVER NUMBER, I had to type in my Rail Pass number to get the pass cover number.



Hi Julie, Anna

Thanks for the advice - Would you be able to advise on where I can get my mobile pass number so as to get a new pass cover number (I’ve yet to receive my paper pass, so may explain why I do not know mobile pass number). 



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You must ask Customer Support for a Pass Cover Number if you have ordered a paper pass.



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Here you can contact Customer Support. 

Hi Tom

I have my interail pass on the rail planner app, the MY PASS tab along the bottom gives me my pass reference which I then used to get my new pass cover number, so confusing but I got there.

At the same time I did email the help desk on this site and they gave me a new pass cover number too.

They did email back the next day so its worth emailing if you cant find it any other way.


Hi Julie, 


Was able to resolve this as Eurail emailed today. Thanks for your help!