seat reaervation on TGV9577

  • 7 February 2024
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Hello, I really had a hard time booking the seat for my trip.

I would like to travel from Paris (est) to Karlsruhe via TGV9577. I just reserved  a seat on this train successfully,

However, my plan was changed. I’m going to take the same train TGV9577 directly from Karlsruhe to Munchen. But the website reveals that “ no seat reservation required” within Karlsruhe to Munchen.

I would like to know is it correct?



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This is correct. 

Reservation is just mandatory when crossing the border.

Thank you Hector!

Another question is that, how can I tell whether the seat from Karlsruhe to Munchen is not occupied?

Is there any sign? Or every seat from Karlsruhe to Munchen are all available to everyone?


Thank you!

If it's reserved, it should be shown; the TGV to Germany normally do have a electronic display. But of course it's possible to reserve a seat here, too - so there may be a reservation for the seat you are in, too.

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As an alternative, you can also think about taking another direct ICE train from Munich to Karlsruhe. This trip usually lasts about 3 hours, and you don't have to  to reserve a seat on the ICE if you have an Interrail pass.

Afterward, you can simply transfer to a TGV train from Karlsruhe to Paris. For more detailed information about train connections in Germany, you can find it here: