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  • 27 November 2022
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Hey, so I am traveling from Sweden to Amsterdam 29th of november, and then coming back from Amsterdam to Sweden the 2nd of december. 

Trying to understand the different passes, but would a “5 days within 1 month” pass work for this trip? 

Also, if you have done this trip, is it worth to pay for first class? 


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It depends where you live in Sweden. From Hamburg there are Nighttrains (Snälltåget and SJ Euronight) to Malmö and further on to/from Stockholm. 

To Amsterdam you need 1 travel day with day trains (for example starting from Stockholm), Reservation compulsory in this case only on the SJ High Speed train (bookable via To get the same route, you have to search on a rail timetable searcher travel Stockholm to Amsterdam via Bad Bentheim. 

You can look what cost less for you. Normal Ticket for the route Stockholm-Amsterdam you can get via Deutsche Bahn I search now, the prices starts from 149,90€ one way. 

if possible I would use the first available train to Osnabrück and wait there. Check also if the IC train Berlin-Osnabrück-Amsterdam runs, due to an incident on the Berlin-Hannover train route. Also possible is to travel via Duisburg, but the connections are very tight.


Other possibility is to use SJ Euronight Stockholm-Hamburg (keep in mind, due to shortage of carriages not all carriages are running and could be sold out). In this case you need 2 travel days.


To get back to Sweden: 

for both travel options only one travel day needed (if you live somewhere on the route between Malmö and Stockholm). 

option with the SJ Euronight: 


I would be traveling from Nässjö, but thank you so much for taking your time! 

Do you believe, considering these trains. Is first class worth it? I never done these kind of travels so not quite sure what the benefits are

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In Germany and the Netherlands you get only a better seat (with an Flexprice Ticket also first class lounge, but not with the saver tickets (Super-)Sparpreis or with Interrail).

In Amsterdam you can use the NS First Class Lounge but it is only a better place to wait, nothing special. 

In Sweden I think you get something to eat on SJ Highspeed in first class? At DSB IC you get for free to drink water or coffee or something like this. @AnnaB maybe you can tell more about trains in Sweden and Denmark.