Ticket use Discovereu; consecutive or flex?

  • 5 March 2022
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I‘ve always thought as DiscoverEu winners we only have 30days max to travel, but someone told me that it isn’t the days that count BUT the days you travel by train. So my question is: Could I travel for 2 weeks in June 2022 for example (with maybe 7 train travel days) and then again finish the rest with 4 weeks traveling during August 2022? Is that possible? to have a break and continue later?


Thank in advance!

2 replies

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Congratulations you won a pass!

I am way too old to be able to use it, so I had to spend quite some time in all the rules etc.-just out of curiosity.

It seems there are 2 diferent types of such passes, but I guess you mean the flexi-pass. It is quite clearly stated that is valid for a MAX of 30 days-and then you cannot even travel on all 30 days-but I could not find for how many you can, maybe this is even different per country. Face value set @ 258€, this is equal to a normal [paid pass for juniors for  days. The whole descirption seems same-same as the normal passes.

Your informant is likely confused with the normal paid InterRailpasses-but even these do not have any type as you describe.

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The flex option is a 7days in a month day :) 


The fix option you can visit 2 countries and pay standard fares up to the value of 258€