Traveling from France to Geneva. Is it included in the France One Country Pass?

  • 5 February 2022
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Hello fellow interrailers! My friend and I wish to travel in France, but we want to start off with a trail that starts in Geneva, Switserland. Thusfar, we thought that a one country pass would be best for us, but we don't know whether this allows us to travel to Geneva. Does anyone know whether it is possible to travel with a one country pass from France to Geneva? Thanks!


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3 replies

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Hi Bente,

I’m pleased to confirm that - unless something’s changed since the 2020-vintage pass benefits brochure I use to check these things - a pass for France does indeed cover you for journeys to and from Geneva.

It also covers you for Basel, for Portbou and Figueres in Catalonia, for Luxembourg, and for Ventimiglia in Italy, along with a few other cities reached only with the purchase of more expensive reservations.

Make sure you use the frequent TER from Geneva to Lyon (regardless of where you intend to go from there), as taking the very expensive TGV Lyria is unlikely to make financial sense.

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atleast till Genève Eaux Vives ( for trains from Annemasse) it´s possible as this is the borderpoint of the Networks :)

If you catch the direct TER trains from Lyon to Geneva it´s valid till Geneva as for these trains Geneva Main station is the border point :)

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Yes, so only these TER trains should be taken, not the combo over the brand new tunnel under GNV running toward Annemasse and on to Evian or Alps. Though you can use them just for a local TPG=GNV city ticket, 3 CHF or so, as far as the ´vivid waters=eaux vives´ stop.

If you want to travel same day further in FR, then catch a TGV from a real FR/SNCF station-then it mostly only the 10€ supplmt/seat. From GNV with the Lyria (=to Paris, via Dijon) is much higher.

Figueras seems highly unlikely to me, its way deep already in Espana and only reachable with those also fast and very expensive INTern. TGV