Traveling on non EU-passport (citizenship) with an EU passport as well - base country regulations

  • 27 November 2022
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I am planning a Eurail trip and will be traveling on my South African passport as I currently reside there. I do however also have a Swiss passport and wondered if the regulations regarding one in-bound & one out-bound trip in Switzerland also apply to me, or whether I would be able to visit multiple destinations in Switzerland as well? 



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On a Eurail pass with South African passport and residency there are no inbound/outbound restrictions on travel in any country. Keep your Swiss passport in your pocket or elsewhere.

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The important point is that you are currently living in South Africa so you are obliged to get a Eurail pass. Therefore you can travel freely in Switzerland. You can obviously use each passport on your travels as you see fit, e.g.  using your Swiss passport for entry/exit and accommodation and your South African passport if challenged on your Eurail pass. That challenge is highly unlikely but may happen.