unable to sctivate my pass

  • 27 April 2022
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I am unable to activate my pass.

I have sent multiple messages to Eurail support and have an email saying they will respond in 48 hours. Still no response and this is so frustrating.


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5 replies

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  1. Please check if there's an app update. If there is, install it and try again. The app version should be 23.1.0. Go to More and scroll to the bottom to check.
  2. What happens in which activation step when you try to activate?
  3. If there is an error message, please post a screenshot. Or else post a screenshot of where you get stuck.
  4. If it still doesn't work, go to More > Settings, scroll to the bottom and enable error logging. Then try again so error logs are created.
  5. Android or iPhone? If iPhone, which iOS version?

The app version is 22.0.0 

iphone 13 ISO 15.4.1

the problem happens on the last step of activation where it says review your details then at the bottom says activate this pass


sorry I don’t know how to take a screen

I have my two teenagers on this same pass 


thanks, Mitch 


I was able to update the ap and it seems my pass is activated.  

I need more of an orientation on how to use the application.


How do I access my ticket on the application?


Thanks, so much Mitch


ps why is Eurail unresponsive when they ask for questions be sent to them?

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@ last: as they are overwhelmed by the enormous nr of such requests. Other as many a USAer thinks, this is not a giant organisation with 100s of people working, but a tiny office on behalf of the indeed often giant various EUR national state owned (and hence often very burocratic) railways. Not too long ago all passes were on paper and the local railway was the one to get to for info and REServation etc.

Then covid came and travel plummeted and is now in some countries on the way up again.

Even while I am now also using an IR-pass, I have never used this app-and see too many scary reviews here about all that goes wrong with it. Though your first Qs seem to be answered in the site and manual. IF you mean-like so many an unused USAer with ´tickets´ the REServations: these are NOT the tickets-the app is! You type in/search the trip you want to make and this activates the traveldays. IF REServ are made (needed or not) these are completely separate from it and hence will not appear in app. Optional REServ (f.e. in Germany or Austria) will not even be checked as long as you sit on right day on right seat in right train.

As about any of the common Qs from newbees-all have been asked + answered here a few dozen times-some form entertaining reading and others may give you good suggestions on this forthcoming trip.

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A ticket will generated for each travel day where you have added journeys to My Pass. There is no need to do that in advance though.

Please also check the mobile pass FAQ.