Using Eurostar twice on the same pass

  • 12 February 2024
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We want to make two separate trips on our 15 days-two months pass. The first trip will allow us an outbound and inbound journey from Shrewsbury. My question is - on the second trip I understand  Shrewsbury-St Pancras tickets won’t be included in the pass, but can we book Eurostar again on the pass: i.e. is St Pancras our point of departure for Europe?


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No as Eurostar counts as an inbound/outbound journey.

Buy advance tickets for London - Lille/Brussels/Paris, whichever is cheaper or more convenient. Do it as soon as possible for the best fares.

It could be on the first trip if tickets are cheaper on these dates.

Have a look at the convenient Harwich - Hoek van Holland (Rotterdam) ferry too : 30% discount with Interrail. I used it last year and it was very useful! There is a daytime and an overnight crossing.