We cannot see the pass QR in the app.

  • 19 April 2022
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I installed the rail planner app and activate my pass. But every time I try to book a trip it shows something went wrong. I paid the reservartion for a night train that leaves tomorrow but I don’t have the pass QR. please help me!!! A really need urgent help. I send mails but no one’s answer them!!! HELP PLEASE 


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7 replies

@Nanja please help!!! Is urgent!!!

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I'm not sure this forum can solve your problem but:

  1. Please check if there's an app update.
  2. Do you have iPhone or Android? Which version? (Go to More, scroll to the bottom.)
  3. After which action exactly does the error message show? After saving a journey to My Trip? After adding it to My Pass? Or after another action?
  4. In the app, please go to More > Settings, scroll to the bottom and enable error logging. Then try the action that triggers the error again, so customer support will have logs to look at.

It’s last version of the app in a Samsung with a a software version 12. I uninstalled the app and then, try to put the pass again and it shows that error. I cannot regístrate it again. I did all you said before and it’s the same result. My device id is 6C7AB562.

please help me. I’m really worry that  I won’t be able to take the train. 

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Hi Amita, you'll need to get in touch with Customer Support. I've checked the system but I see your latest message was sent on the 1st of April about a different topic. Did you perhaps contact support with another email address? If not, can you please fill out the Customer Support form: . This way we have all the details we need to help you. Also please enable the error log in the App > more > settings > scroll down > enable error logging. Let me know once you submitted the form. 

@Nanja my husband send several requests the pass 4 days, asking for help to support. 

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Can you provide me with the email address your husband used to contact Customer Support, via a private message? 

@Nanja yes! I send you the email adress by private message