3 month itinerary suggestions please

  • 17 May 2022
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Hello everyone. I spontaneously bought a 3 month pass for me and my husband. We will be starting in Birmingham, then getting the Euro tunnel to Paris probably, at the beginning of September. The rough plan is France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain and Portugal. We have 75 days remaining to be in the Schengen Area so Turkey seems a good place to be at some point after Greece. Or Croatia, Montenegro of Romania. I like a mixture of planning ahead with some spontaneity and like cities, food, sightseeing and some down time. I have a mobile pass (which after reading some of the comments on various community pages I am beginning to regret) but it is what it is. 

For those that are more familiar with rail travel in Europe, what would be a suggested 3 month trip? What would you not miss and what would you avoid? 

1 reply

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Bad news: many of these countris have NO trains over border to connect or hardly any train @ all.

best site: seat61,com-has all the uptodate current info and is written for eengleesh.

You cannot really expect us to write yet another full guidebook just for you.