3. What to see in Munich (Rail from Frankfurt)

  • 22 February 2022
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  1. What to see in Munich (Rail from Frankfurt)?
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mmm burger :)

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  1. BRatwurst-the all over germany hamburger replacement. In Bayern (=Bavaria for you) the local people are also immensely fond of their own type of meaty ´delicatessen´ named Leberwurst or ́-käse. Vegans and even vegaś: no luck! As for drink: a mass of beer, (=½ ltr glasses, preferably the local weisser one variety) Even better if you can make that visit in ´Oktoberfest´ (=actually late sept.) then you can admire the ´Bierleichen´ lying everywhere.
  2. In the main station of M, when you come out of trains, there is a giant cafetaria style restrt in front of all the platforms with some 10 different food places. Just look around-you do not need to patronise all 10 in 1 go!
  3. For the rest: use a guidebook or ask locals or the touristy info.