Åäö and ü characters for local names

  • 18 September 2023
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I have now learned that when going to München I need to search for Muenchen, and when going to Malmö in Sweden I should search for Malmo. Ok, fine, but for so many other cities I am often at loss, Münster, Köln, Åre, Ängelholm, etc etc etc, you need to fix this in your app! 


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4 replies

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Hej Mats!

Detta är inget som kommer att fixas eftersom de flesta som åker med Interrail/Eurail inte är vana vid, och kanske inte ens har tangentbord med, å,ä,ö. Det är bara att vänja sig vid att skriva om bokstäverna. 

Normalt sett skrivs ä och å som a, ö som o i svenska städer, men som oe i Tyskland. Köln blir Koeln. Füssen blir Fuessen.

This is so unnecessary, since it can be fixed, if you wanted. It is also the same solution that would help people who are dyslexic or spells wrong by accident, for example wants to go to Granada but searches for grenada. It is a UX issue. 

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Please make an error report to Eurail/Interrail. This is only a Community where travellers help each other. No-one here can fix anything.


I thought the team behind Interrail and the app was listening. Sorry.