Adding Ukraine to global Interrail/Eurail pass

  • 17 April 2022
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We’ve all seen the news about the war in Ukraine and many of us have read articles about the amazing railway network all over the country. It’s inspired me to go there, see the beautiful sights and meet the people of Ukraine once the war is over. I’m sure lots of other people feel the same - it’s a beautiful country and one I didn’t know much about beforehand.

Would it be an expression of peace, friendship, solidarity and warm hopes for the future to add the Ukrainian railway network to the global Interrail/Eurail pass at this moment in time? I certainly think it would be hopeful, a good advert for Ukraine and would be good for Interrailers too. Is there a movement to do this, and who should we contact if not?

4 replies

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In the current time this is complete nonsense. Plus that those UZ worked very much on the principle of the broad-gaude Russky/CCCP-railways, look/read for how that works-with sleepers and platskart and all trains very much REServed with an utmost complicated system of which station gets how many spare seats. Its always the decision of the national and other railways if they join/keep in this pass-system or not-and its mostly commercial. Once the Morocco railways were also in and decided to step out then

UZ is, sad how it is, now mostly busy with repairing the utter damage if this whole ugly thing ends hopefully soon enough (BTW-I´ve been to all those places and even to Mariopol and Donyetsk-years ago when it was all UKR, also the Krim) and all by poiezd=train.

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Thanks @mcadv - I didn’t mean it would be likely that many non-Ukrainian people would be able to travel on the Ukrainian railway system right now, just that Interrail is a symbol of hope and friendship and it’s an optimistic gesture if people are working on adding Ukraine to the network.

I’m sure there would indeed be plenty of logistical hurdles to overcome and lots to discuss as you say.

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There was a slightly step into Ukraine with Interrail as Austrian Rail, Hungarian Rail and UZ offered a special Interrail ticket for the Route Vienna - Budapest - Lviv - Kiev on the direct coaches :) Currently the direct coaches usually operate only as far as Budapest :)

I visited Ukraine several times and the fares are pretty cheap and especially domestic tickets could be booked pretty easy online in the last years :)