Advice for routes around Croatia? Starting from the Netherlands.

  • 16 June 2022
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This summer I will be traveling with my boyfriend through Europe with our Interrail passes. We would love to go to Croatia and are planning our trip around this destination. Could you guys give me some advise about routes that would be nice to look at. We will ben traveling from the Netherlands. We are particularly looking in to night trains (with beds if it’s possible) because that will spare us some days. I find it really difficult to find routes with the Rail Planner app because it doesn’t seem to show the fastest routes or night trains. I also could not succeed in a reservation.

Hope to hear from you!


1 reply

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Deze site heeft in /en alle info voor overland vanaf UK naar overal in EUR: gewoon aanhaken op een punt onderweg.

verder gewoon wat tijd uittrekken met wat reisplanners spelen-best is met and ook wat minuutjes over altijd steeds dezelfde vragen in dit forum-alle normale 1e x problems zijn al 10tallen keren beantwoord.

Je hebt in principe 2 secties met Nachttrein; tot of van München (tot Zagreb), hangt maar helemaal van je beurs (kost altijd extra) en wensen wat best uitpakt.