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  • 11 March 2023
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Hi all,

I plan to activate my 3 month global pass on May 1st. I am based in the UK. Am I right in thinking I wont be able to use the global pass until I am in another country. I plan on starting my trip in Belgium so assume I would have to the eurostar or search for cheap flights closer to the time? 

On that note, does anybody have any tips on route planning. I have several places that I want to visit but struggling to work out the best possible route. Is there some sort of route planner available that will do this for me automatically? 

Thanks in advance

1 reply

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You can use your pass in your country of residence on 2 of your travel days. That includes any domestic trains.

The best general planner for the whole of Europe is Although for purely domestic journeys, it's always best to check a national planner. Never use the rail planner app or the Interrail website to plan. They're unreliable and often out of date.