Any way to currently get to Istanbul by train?

  • 17 February 2022
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I'd love to travel to Istanbul by train. I read earlier in an answer that generally many routes are currently out of service.

Is there a way to get to Istanbul by train or is it just not possible?

I'm looking forward to get any helpful information :)

3 replies

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By train-all the way-NOT. Use bus for short section. Read seat61.conm for best uptodate info-it overveiws all overland routes from Uk to all EUR capitals/countries. DO read the full item, as the current situation comes at the  end.

BUSes run-even still quite frequently, from Sofija/Plovdiv or Bucuresti, or if you´re one of those train-fanatics: from last stop in BG (I think Dimitrovgrad-taxi and/or marshrut/dolmus to first TR stop (Edirne-only 1 train/mornings for now to IST). You do not have to sweat-nor fear about booking monthes advance-thats not even possible. Just buy when there from Avtogara.

Reason: the Turks are busy completely renovating their part of the line to modern standard and have run out of money for that.

Just scroll down-there are numerous all the same Q+A on this forum about same-same topic

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Istanbul - Sofia starts again on 25.4. Sofia - Istanbul on 26.4. From 3.6. from/to Bucarest (only in summer):

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Good news. The Istanbul-Sofia route has officially resumed running on April 25th (yesterday)!
You can find the timetable here >