Are youth hostels actually cheap ?

  • 7 June 2022
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I am a 20 year old student and we are planning with few friends to travel through Europe with InterRail in July.

We would like to take as less reservations as possible in order to be much more flexible.

According to booking sites, youth hostels prices seem to be WAY more expensive than I thought. Approximately 30€ in some country…

Do you know if those prices are the same on the spot and if it is possible to get several beds on the live day ?

3 replies

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Strongly depends on the destination. 25 to 30 can be very normal in very central europe, in switzerland or skandinavia you easely spend 50 and more, while in the balkans you can find good hostels from around 7… most of the time you still find something for the same day. Only experienced once that a even a whole country was booked out. Netherlands this Easter. small tip always go for “normal hostels” they often have a bar and/or allow alcohol at the commmon area, while youth hostels often forbid alcohol in their facilities.

Ok thanks ! 👍

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Use a site like set to many wishes. A budget HTLroom for 2 is often roughly same price as 2 beds in hoStel. Also: you did not state country nor if you are member of any hoStel association-in some countries this can cut the cost a lot.

Actually YOUR country FR is among those with highest charges!